A lot of people are familiar with the term bail, but only a few of those who know it know how a bail process works. Before going to the part on how a bail process works, we must first define two important terms which are relevant to it:


1.            Bail - A bail is a money, item, or even property which is promised to a court for the purpose of persuading the judge to release a defendant from jail with the deal or understanding that he/she, the defendant, will return to the court for the trial on the set date or when called.


2.            Bail Bond - bail bonds ocala fl are the promise made by a someone who promises the pay for the defendant or is also known as a surety or a bail bondsman, or by the defendant himself/herself to the court in order to surrender the promised bail money if ever the defendant refuses to return or does not return, or if the defendant cannot pay the promised bail.


How a bail bond works

                When a person is arrested for a serious crime, the must first wait in jail until a bail hearing is scheduled for him/her wherein a judge will set the bail amount for the person. If it so happens that this person cannot afford to have a bail, they must again have to wait in jail until their court date for a hearing or, this person could hire a bail agent to process everything for him/her. Bail agents charge you from 10%-15% of the total bail amount for their services. They may also ask you to sign over collateral in order for them to ensure that you, the defendant, will appear in court. This video is a must watch:



                Once the collateral has been signed over and the premium has been paid, the bail agent will then post the bond and then the defendant will be set for release after a short time or several hours of processing. The defendant will then be required to show up to court after being release for all proceedings with the addition of having any other conditions which was set by the hired bail agent. If the these conditions are violated by the defendant or he/she fails to attend the required court processing, the bail agent will be required to pay the full amount in court and will most likely have the defendant be returned to jail for their misconduct. Otherwise if all of these conditions are met, the court proceedings will continue until the trial is over and the bond will be considered as complete whether or not if the defendant is found innocent or guilty. Check it out here